Web Hosting Facts and Figures You May Want to Know

Web Hosting

It is imperative to know web hosting facts and figures. These statistics will help you understand the current trends and predicted growth in the industry. These figures have been collected from reliable sources to give you a clear picture of the web hosting market. These statistics are also helpful for those looking for the right web hosting company. However, before you choose a web hosting company, it is important to determine its reputation and track record.


If you want to host a website, GoDaddy has four web hosting plans. The basic plan is a shared hosting plan and comes with a basic set of features. There is no space limit for your website, but if you have a very resource-intensive website or want to host multiple sites, you may want to consider a dedicated server instead. GoDaddy’s dedicated servers offer users root access, unlimited storage, and cPanel.

GoDaddy is also known for its domain registration service. They offer free domain names to their customers. This is a great perk since domain names can cost anywhere from five dollars to five thousand dollars per year. However, you need to understand that the free domain name offer is valid only for the first year, after which you’ll have to pay the regular price for your domain name.


When you’re comparing Amazon’s web hosting plans, you’ll want to look at some important facts. The first is the cost. AWS charges twelve pence per GB served or around PS60 per month for a ten thousand-user website. AWS also has a large network – 64 zones in 21 regions and 169 points of presence. This means that it’s not only fast, but it also allows you to scale up as needed.

Another important fact to consider when comparing the two is that AWS can be cheaper than traditional web hosting, as it can save brands up to 80% on hosting costs. This means a higher profit margin for brands. In addition, the AWS platform is easy to use and has multiple storage options. Businesses can use the cloud to host their websites, store files, or run mission-critical business applications.

Web Hosting

Ionos Germany

IONOS Germany web hosting was founded in Germany. As such, they only offer services to European users. This limits the services to a few countries, but most countries are covered. To get started, you should register a domain name and set up billing details. However, you should know that the company will charge you to transfer your website. Some hosting companies offer free transfers, but IONOS does not. You should check the terms and conditions of the company before signing up for a plan.

The Ionos control panel is relatively easy to use, but it lacks the power of Plesk and cPanel. There are similar features, but the panel has more options. Despite this, IONOS is one of the better web hosting companies and has carved a niche for itself in the digital market thanks to quality service and an extensive trajectory. They offer a variety of hosting plans at affordable prices.