Investing in Alphabet Inc. How good will it be?

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Investing has become an important part of life for many working individuals. It does not matter how big or small the amount you want to invest is; investing at least some amount is a good habit. Saving money is something that is done by every single household, investing the same money in other investment avenues is just a step ahead. Regular saving does not help in increasing the value of your amount, but investing the same will help your money not only increase in value but also give you some returns on the invested amount. This is why investing is better than regular saving.

You can choose an investment path depending on your preferences, there are plans available for every type of investor. For investors whose top priority is to grow their money, investing in stocks is an ideal option. Investing in stocks means taking on a significant level of risk but it is the only one that can provide higher returns than any other investment path and capital appreciation. The stock market has stocks that perform differently, so even if you are a risk-averse investor you can find a stock that fulfills your investing objectives. Technology industry stocks have shown huge potential in terms of value appreciation and they continue to grow.

One such stock is the GOOG stock on the Nasdaq stock exchange. Formerly known as Google, the GOOG stock now belongs to Google’s new parent company Alphabet Inc. Due to the restructuring on Google in 2015, Alphabet Inc. became its parent company and was founded on 2nd October 2015. It is headquartered in Mountain View, California and its CEO is Sundar Pichai. Google’s co-founders Larry Page (former CEO) and Sergey Brin have now taken on the role of running Alphabet Inc. is basically an internet company that operates in two segments, Google and Other Bets. Under Google’s segment, the company provides various products and services like Ads, Android, Chrome, YouTube, etc. Other Bets segment provides internet and television services and comprises owned companies like Access, X, Calico, etc.

The GOOG stock is currently traded for $1,754.40. Analysts have indicated that the stock has a potential upside in price by 4.7% in the near future. The company has a market capitalisation worth $1.19 trillion. The company reported an EPS of $16.40 in the last quarter, which is $5.05 higher than analysts’ estimates. The company also reported earnings of $46.17 billion in the last quarter. Since the pandemic, the GOOG stock has increased in price by 44.3%.  You can get more news from